Pag-uuri ng Dust Collector


1. Tuyong mekanikalkolektor ng alikabok mainly refers to dust removal equipment designed by applying dust inertia and gravity, such as settling chamber, inert kolektor ng alikabok, cyclone kolektor ng alikabok and other high-concentration kolektor ng alikaboks, mainly for high-concentration coarse particle diameter dust The separation or concentration is adopted.

2. The granular layer kolektor ng alikabok is a device that uses different granular granular material accumulation layers as the filter material to filter the dust contained in the air solution. It is mainly used as a dust exhaust point in the production process of building materials and metallurgy. It is often used to filter dusty flue gas with high concentration, coarse particles and high temperature.

3. Bag type kolektor ng alikabok, this filter is a dust removal device with fiber woven fabric or filling layer as the filter medium. Its use, form, dust removal air volume and efficiency have a wide range, and it is mainly used for collection. In places with fine dust, it is applied to the exhaust dust removal system and also to the air intake system.

kolektor ng alikabok

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